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Please find below a list of the questions we often get asked...if you can't find the answer to yours please email us on - we'll do our best to answer every question as quickly as we can.

Who are TSC Sports and Dance Coaching?
We're a company dedicated to providing more positive opportunities for children to take part in physical activities. We've been working with schools and community groups for 8 years all across Yorskhire and we are committed to increasing and improving the experiences children have of physical activity. Although we are not child care (we are classed as an activities provider) we have had our policies vetted and approved by a number of local authourities, partners in education and the community to ensure kids are safe and having a good experience.

Can I just pay cash on the on the day?
Unfortunately not. We have to provide the right number of qualified and vetted staff for the number of children attending, so we really do need to know how many will be coming in advance. Making bookings and payment in advance guarentees your child's place on any of our clubs and if you just turn up on the day you run the risk of being turned away becasue a club may be full.

Will I get confirmation of my booking?
Yes. If you provide us with your correct email address and make payment at the point of making your booking you will automatically receive an email confirmation. Each booking has a unique reference number and means that the children are on the registers for the clubs. You don't have to bring this along to the clubs.

I made a booking, but my payment hasn't gone through...what should I do?
We do get this from time to time, for whatever reason our payment gateway doesn't accept your card details, and rejects your payment. You can make payment with another card by clicking on the 'Make a Payment' link on our website. Simply add your booking reference into the box, the amount due and enter your new card details. This will tie your payment to your booking. Alternatively, give us a call and we can help arrange an alternative.

What do the kids need to bring?
We ask that the children come to our clubs with sensible footwear and clothing for the activity they are going to be doing, so that usually means something like a PE kit and trainers. We do ask parents not to send kids in denims and to send them with clothing appropriate for the weather as the club may be outdoors. If it's a holiday club, they should also bring a packed lunch and a drinks bottle with non-fizzy drinks.

What about the weather?

As you are aware we are at the mercy of the weather and, while we will take them inside if it gets too bad, we do try to keep them outside in the fresh air as much as possible. With this in mind we would ask that you consider a few suggestions that may enhance their experience of winter activities...

They are not essential and we don't want you to feel pressured into buying kit, these are simply suggestions and we're not expecting you to replace perfectly good kit you already have!

* Astroturf trainers - with footwear it's all about grip, so the ones you want to go with have the small rubber pimples or tiny studs on the bottom - if you go in to a sports shop ask specifically for astroturf trainers and they'll show you what we mean - a lot of fashion trainers simply don't provide enough grip for running and turning because they are...well fashion trainers!

* Gloves (because they are furthest away from the core you lose lots of heat through your hands!)

* Base layers (also known as under amour) you can get some quite funky ones!

* It's also a good idea for the kids to bring in a towel and a change of clothes - I know it's a lot to carry, so if you want to bring it with you when you collect the kids that's fine too - understandably they don't want to get changed back into their school uniforms!

* On the sunny days (both of them) we get in this country it's important that the kids have sun cream on, so please lather them up before you send them to our clubs, and pack a hat too.

What if the numbers are low?
Whilst most of our clubs are hugely popular, unfortunatley, from time to time, we get a low take up at a particular club (for whatever reason). When this happens we do everything we can to make sure the club still goes ahead and as part of that we reserve the right to change the activity to suit the group we have. For example if we have three children on a football club and four on a sports club, we may feel it makes sense to put the groups together to try and make it an enjoyable experience for everyone. It's incredibly rare that we ever cancel clubs, but if the numbers are just too low we may have to. If this happens we will try to offer parents places at an alternative venue, but if that doesn't work for them, we do issue a refund if we cancel a club.

What is your policy on bullying?
We do everything we can to make sure that everyone has fun at our sessions, but occasionally children can be mean to one another. We operate a zero tolerance policy and when any instance is witnessed or reported to us, our coaches will speak to the children involved and to the parents of those children. If we find out that bullying has taken place we reserve the right to ask parents to collect their children and to bar them from attending our clubs in the future.

How do the after school clubs work?
Once you've booked, simply send your children with the things they'll need (usually no more than a PE kit) and tell them that they will need to go to the school hall at the end of the school day. Our coach will be there with a register (and all the medical and contact information for the kids who have been booked on). Then, 1 hour after the school day finishes, come and collect them from the school hall. The coaches will sign the kids out when you collect them, so please don't sit in the car park as unless you have told us that your child can walk home, we won't let them out without seeing you.

Who are your coaches?
All our coaches are qualified in their field and have been recruited in line with Safer recruitment in education. All hold enhanced DBS checks (formerly CRB's). We have a close group of great coaches who are conscientious, friendly, flexible and great with kids.

What times do the clubs run?
The dates and times of each club are listed on the website and will be on your confirmation email.

Where do I collect the kids from?
At the end of each session the children will collect their things and will be taken to a central registration point by the coaches. Unless you have indicated that the kids can walk home on their own at the end of the sessions you will need to go to the registration point and tell the coaches you have arrived before we can let the children go. We do this to ensure the safety of the children.

Can I pay with Childcare Vouchers? / Do you have an OFSTED number?
Unfortunately not. In terms of OFSTED we are classed as an Activity Provider rather than a Child Care Provider. As such you won't be able to use payment vouchers like Fidellity or Working tax Credits as payment for our clubs.

Rest assured that we have had our policies checked with OFSTED and are part of the Breeze Culture Network - a Leeds City Council vetting proceedure for partners, but we are not offering OFSTED registered schemes because our activities fall under the OFSTED exemption categories - and identifies our schemes as an Activities provider - as outlined below:

This is taken from the Out Of School Alliance website: - each venue is classed as stand alone club. 

You do not need to register your club with Ofsted if:

•            The club will operate for 14 days or less per year; or

•            All the children are over 8 years of age; or

•            The club is an activity-based setting offering not more than two types of activities. These types of activities could be very broad, eg: 'sport' and 'arts and crafts'. This exemption is aimed at clubs which are focused on a particular activity (eg: a football camp or a drama workshop) as opposed to those which are basically offering childcare with some activities thrown in.

The following is taken from OFSTED's Early years and childcare registration handbook - Guidance for the registration of early years and childcare provision in England, under the Childcare Act 2006, and its associated regulations This handbook is for use from 1 January 2016.

Providing no more than two activities (11)

This exemption applies where the main purpose of what providers intend to offer is to give instruction or tuition in the activities, such as football coaching or art classes. Ofsted would not necessarily expect all those working with children to be specialist coaches, but it would expect them to have particular skills in the activities they were providing that would help children get better at them. For example, Ofsted would make a distinction between sports and physical activity for children. If providers offer a bouncy castle or activities like racquets and balls, bikes or roller skates for children to choose from then Ofsted would normally decide that these offered children physical exercise rather than being a sports activity. Similarly, the provision of pens, paints and paper does not fall under the exemption for arts and crafts. Ofsted looks for specific tuition or coaching to help children improve their skills.

Providers cannot claim this exemption where the main purpose of what they provide is childcare for working parents. Clearly if children are present for longer periods of time, Ofsted would expect them to have a break or rest time or if children are disabled or have special educational needs, Ofsted would expect them to have their needs met. But this must not be the main reason that the scheme or club exists. There is no reason why the specific care needs of disabled children or those with special educational needs cannot be met by attending sessions where the prime purpose is instruction. Those providing such activities may wish to give extra support and instruction to disabled children and those with special educational needs, or make arrangements for them to have their own carer present with them.

Privacy Policy
We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any third parties. We may from time to time send you special offers and information about our clubs, but you can opt out of this by hitting unsubscribe on the email, this will remove your name from the mailing list.

Delivery Policy
As a service provider we do not have physical products to ship; we just guarentee that we will 'Deliver' on our commitment to improve and increase the opportunities children and young people have to enjoy physical activities.

Refund/Cancellation policy
We have to provide staff to the number of children who book places so unfortunately we can't issue refunds for cancellations made within 3 days of the session.

Products and Pricing
We provide physical activity sessions for children and young people and work hard to maintain an affordable pricing policy to keep the sessions inclusive. We reserve the right to adjust prices as nesecarry, but all pre booked and paid for places will be honoured at the price paid at the pioint of purchase.

Contact Us
If you can't find the answer to your question please email us: - call us on 0113 3226115, or write to us at TSC Sports and Dance Coaching Ltd., The Recreation Centre, Newlands, Farsley LS28 5BE - We'll do our best to answer every question as quickly as we can.