Become a partner and host a club with us... A few Numbers...

As a company we are always looking for ways to increase the opportunities children and young people have to enjoy positive physical activities.

When schools are closed we are still out there delivering Sports, Football and Dance Holiday clubs for primary school aged children at venues across the region.

You can find out a lot more information about how the clubs work by visiting the PARENT secion of the site.

Email us at or call 01133226115

We have the staff, the experience and a proven business model that is sustainable and allows everyone to attend, irrespective of their economic circumstances. All we need is the space – if you can open and close the space for us, we’ll provide all the logistics:

  • Marketing
  • Online and phone bookings
  • Management of ‘coded’ targeted bookings
  • Produce registers with medical and contact information
  • Staff with appropriately qualified coaches
  • Liaise with Special Education Needs co-ordinators and cluster team to identify target families
  • Bring all equipment with us

Here are some stats from the last 12 months...

1356 different children have come to our holiday clubs...

they came from 115 different schools...

attended 17 different partner venues with us...

and did 5740 days (that's 37,310 hours) of fun sports, dance and football during their school holidays.

31 of those children had special educational needs and were supported to attend by our 121 coaches and by our friends at Scope In Leeds.

How it works...

Coaches meet parents and children at a central registration (and collection) point

Venue check at the end of the club

In return for the space we’ll provide the cluster with 3 free places per coach, per day.

Why does this benefit the school/cluster?

We work to a ratio of 1:16 and never have less than 2 coaches on site, so every day the minimum the cluster will receive is 6 free places. As the cohort increases, we simply add more staff, and accordingly the cluster receives more free places. Because of this unique way of working in partnership with the clusters it is in everyone’s interests to ensure the success of the clubs – the more paying children we can attract, the more free places (and therefore value) the cluster receives in return for providing the venue. Clusters can also purchase additional places (at £14 per place per day) to a set budget limit meaning that no funding is wasted.This arrangement means that the venue is being provided for community use, allowing children who may not usually be able to access these kinds of activities to join in alongside their peers, albeit supported by the cluster. Because of the up front booking system we use, none of the cohort know who is being supported, so there is no stigma to taking up a free place.